Advocating for

It is important for people living with cancer and their networks to be able to speak for themselves and gain their rights as patients to bring positive change to their lives. Self-advocacy may help individuals to gain access to needed services and treatments.

Whether advocating for access to health care, workplace accommodation, or another issue of importance to you, understanding your issue and goals and developing a plan to self-advocate can help you better know and communicate what it is that you want or need.

Tools, resources and information to help you be an effective self advocate

When speaking to your doctor, ensure you understand:

  • Timelines for receiving your diagnosis, test results, surgery (if needed)
  • The COVID-19 situation has created a backlog in healthcare services for many Canadians, including those going through diagnosis, tests or treatment for cancer.
  • How will backlog and delays impact your care or outcomes? 
  • What can you/your loved one do in the meantime to ensure your health is as optimal as possible? 
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